US Open Tennis Championships: Session 24 – Women’s Final/Mixed Doubles Final at Arthur Ashe Stadium

US Open Tennis Championships Tickets

Arthur Ashe Stadium | Flushing, New York

US Open Tennis Championships

Tickets are on sale now for one of the hottest Saturday afternoons of tennis to ever come to town. You and a capacity crowd of the best tennis fans in the world are gearing up for an stunning day coming this fall. Because the greatest female doubles game of the year is coming to Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing, New York for Us Open Tennis Championships on Saturday 7th September 2024 and you are invited to see the heated competition of the Womens FINALS!! These stunning athletes will be facing off for their chance to win one of the biggest tennis exhibitions to ever come to Flushing.

US Open Tennis Championships

Prepare to soak yourself in the breathtaking excitement that is the US Open Tennis Championships: Session 24, featuring the Women's Final and the Mixed Doubles Final! Feel the outstanding energy as the crowd buzzes with anticipation and roars in celebration with each exhilarating rally and masterful serve.

Be a part of an event where legends like Novak Djokovic who recently clinched his 24th Grand Slam title at this very tournament, have demonstrated their incomparable skills. Recall the spirit of past American greats, from Arthur Ashe to Andy Roddick - athletes whose perseverance and brilliance have filled these courts.

Arthur Ashe Stadium Information

Arthur Ashe Stadium, a symbol of tennis greatness, stands proudly in Flushing, New York, ready to host another historical tennis spectacle. Celebrated for its impressive past, this venue has been the battleground for countless legends carving their names into the halls of tennis lore.

Women's Finals

The Women’s Final is set to be no less fantastic, promising a spectacle filled with elegant power plays and breathtaking agility as the world's finest women athletes showcase tennis excellence.

Who will win? Will it be the underdog or the fan favorite? Well, there is only one way to tell, and that will be by watching it live at Arthur Ashe Stadium. The venue has some rather excellent services on offer, so in addition to experiencing the game of this fall, you can also live it up!

Ticket prices start at $195. Claim your ticket today and witness female history at the US Open Tennis Championships! Simply click the "Get Tickets" button and follow the on-screen instructions, and you're set!

US Open Tennis Championships at Arthur Ashe Stadium

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