US Open Tennis Championship: Session 10 – Men’s/Women’s 3rd Round at Arthur Ashe Stadium

US Open Tennis Championship Tickets

Arthur Ashe Stadium | Flushing, New York

US Open Tennis Championship

Just imagine joining an arena full of tennis’ best fans in watching every volley, cheering on every point, and witnessing who will come away with the trophy. It may be the best reason to visit Flushing this September and certainly, one of the hottest Friday sporting events of 2023! But if you haven’t ordered seats yet, then you better act fast. Because tickets are available now and won’t last long. Tap the button below and book your tickets to see Us Open Tennis Championship live at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing, New York on Friday 1st September 2023.

All of the action will be live at Arthur Ashe Stadium because the Us Open Tennis Championship will offer some of the best quality of athleticism the tennis world has ever seen. It is a wonder how each player manages to work at such high-stakes and under such massive pressure. It is a demonstration of the hard work and effort both they and their coaches have put in.

The history books will tell stories about the sheer speed and tenacity each player showed in this highly anticipated event, and you can be part of it. Imagine experiencing all the thrills and spills as the favorite tries to prove their worth on the court. Their minds are solely focused on how to defend the next shot, and you being in a state of admiration all the while enjoying the excellent facilities provided by the venue. It is genuinely a sports fan's ultimate dream.

As this is a one-time-only event, tickets will sell out like hotcakes, so be sure to grab yours right here before they sell out. The process is really easy, just click the "Get Tickets" button and choose the best seat in the house. Trust us when we tell you, it will be the time of your life.

US Open Tennis Championship at Arthur Ashe Stadium

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